AMS Membership Application

Please read the descriptions to determine what membership category you are eligible for, then select the category for which you are applying. Membership runs from January through December.

Regular Membership

Contributing Membership

Affiliate Membership

Student Member

The student rate applies to a full-time student. Annual verification is required.
I am currently a full-time
  High School Undergraduate Graduate
student at

Unemployed Member

The unemployed membership rate applies to an unemployed mathematician.
Choose the rate that fits your current budget:
  $0 $20 $55
I am currently unemployed and actively seeking employment. Annual statement of unemployed status is required.
I am currently unemployed due to a disability.

Introductory Member

The introductory rate applies to the first two consecutive years of regular membership. Eligibility begins with the first year of membership in any category other than Nominee, Student and Graduate Student, or Affiliate. Eligibility is made available once again to an individual who has not paid dues or been nominated for membership in five (5) or more consecutive calendar years.

Regular Member with Annual Professional Income below $65,000

The regular rate applies after the first two consecutive years of regular membership.

Choose this option if your annual professional income is below $65,000.

Regular Member with Annual Professional Income >= $65,000 and < $90,000

Applies after the first two consecutive years of regular membership.  Annual professional income is greater than or equal to $65,000 and less than $90,000.

Regular Member with Annual Professional Income $90,000 or more

The regular rate applies after the first two consecutive years of regular membership.

Choose this option if your annual professional income is $90,000 or more.

Retired Member

The retired membership rate applies after a member has retired from employment.

Life Member

Life members make a one-time payment which is determined by age as of January 1 of the membership year.  Applicable age ranges are 40 to 49, 50 to 59 or 60 and above.

An exception to the above is made for a person who is currently a member by reciprocity, has been a member by reciprocity for the previous two years and asserts the intention of continuing to be a member by reciprocity. Such a person may purchase life membership by a single payment of dues determined by the formula above but with regular high dues replaced with reciprocity dues. Please call Customer Service to apply for Reciprocity Life Membership at: 401-455-4000 worldwide; 800-321-4267 in the USA and Canada.

Reciprocity Member

This membership category applies to a member who resides outside the United States and belongs to one of the foreign societies with which the AMS has established a reciprocity agreement.
  • Allahabad Mathematical Society
  • Australian Mathematical Society
  • Azerbeijan Mathematical Society
  • Balkan Society of Geometers
  • Bangladesh Mathematical Society
  • Berliner Mathematische Gesellschaft e. V.
  • Bharata Ganita Parisad
  • Calcutta Mathematical Society
  • Canadian Mathematical Society
  • Croatian Mathematical Society
  • Cyprus Mathematical Society
  • Dansk Matematisk Forening
  • Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung e. V.
  • Edinburgh Mathematical Society
  • Egyptian Mathematical Society
  • European Mathematical Society
  • Gesellschaft fur Angewandte Math und Mechanik
  • Glasgow Mathematical Association
  • Hellenic Mathematical Society
  • Indian Mathematical Society
  • Indonesian Mathematical Society
  • Iranian Mathematical Society
  • Irish Mathematical Society
  • Islenzka Staerdfraedafelagid
  • Israel Mathematical Union
  • Janos Bolyai Mathematical Society
  • Korean Mathematical Society
  • London Mathematical Society
  • Malaysian Mathematical Society
  • Mathematical Society of Japan
  • Mathematical Society of Serbia
  • Mathematical Society of the Philippines
  • Mathematical Society of the Republic of China
  • Mongolian Mathematical Society
  • Nepal Mathematical Society
  • New Zealand Mathematical Society
  • Nigerian Mathematical Society
  • Norsk Matematisk Forening
  • Osterreichische Mathematische Gesellschaft
  • Palestine Society for Mathematical Sciences
  • Polskie Towarzystwo Matematyczne
  • Punjab Mathematical Society
  • Ramanujan Mathematical Society
  • Real Sociedad Matematica Espanola
  • Saudi Association for Mathematical Sciences
  • Singapore Mathematical Society
  • Soc of Mathematicians, Physicists, and Astronomers
  • Sociedad Colombiana de Matematicas
  • Sociedad de Matematica de Chile
  • Sociedad Espanola de Matematica Aplica
  • Sociedad Matematica de la Republica Dominicana
  • Sociedad Matematica Mexicana
  • Sociedad Uruguya de Matematica y Estadistica
  • Sociedade Brasileira de Matematica
  • Sociedade Brasileira de Matematica Aplicada e Co
  • Sociedade Paranaense de Matematica
  • Sociedade Portuguesa de Matematica
  • Societat Catalana de Matematiques
  • Societatea de Stiinte Matematice din Romania
  • Societatea Matematicienilor din Romania
  • Societe de Mathematiques Appliquees et Ind
  • Societe Mathematique de Belgique
  • Societe Mathematique de France
  • Societe Mathematique de Luxembourg
  • Societe Mathematique Suisse
  • Society of Assn of Math & Comp Sci of Macedonia
  • South African Mathematical Society
  • Southeast Asian Mathematical Society
  • Suomen Matemaattinen Yhdistys
  • Svenska Matematikersamfundet
  • Tunisian Mathematical Society
  • Turkish Mathematical Society
  • Ukrainian Mathematical Society
  • Union Matematica Argentina
  • Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians
  • Union of Czechoslovak Mathematicians & Physicists
  • Union of Slovak Mathematicians & Physicists
  • Unione Matematica Italiana
  • Vietnam Mathematical Society
  • Vijnana Parishad of India
  • Wiskundig Genootschap

Contributing Member

Minimum dues are $321. The portion ($107) which exceeds the higher regular dues level can be treated as a charitable contribution.

Affiliate Member

Affiliate membership is for those who reside in an AMS-defined developing country. Affiliate members can chose only one privilege of membership journal. 

Friend of Math Member

Applies to a member who is not a mathematician who supports the AMS mission.